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Keynote Speaker

Apollo Robbins

CEO, Corporate Entertainer, Speaker and Consultant, Red Handed Media

A pioneer in the application of deception to real-world environments, Robbins uses pick-pocketing and sleight-of-hand to demonstrate perception management, diversion techniques and self-deception.

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Karl fast ux15

Karl Fast

Director of Information Architecture, Normative

Karl works on problems for a world of abundant information. He is co-author of the forthcoming "Design for Understanding" and a former professor of User Experience at Kent State University.

Annie coull ux15

Annie Coull

Vice President, Designer, Stantec

A thread of childhood experiences, child development leadership, and healthcare architecture design define Annie’s lifelong mission to improve the hospital patient experience.

Miral kotb ux15

Miral Kotb

Founder/CEO, iLuminate

Creating iLuminate was the perfect way for Miral to combine her different worlds of dance and CS to follow her true passion. Since then, Miral’s unique technology has turned iLuminate into a phenomenon that mesmerizes audiences across the globe.

Hayley hughes ux15

Hayley Hughes

Design Language Lead, IBM

Hayley leads a team that works together to craft the IBM Design Language, a set of living design guidelines to learn, create and be inspired. She encourages product teams around the world to put their users first and design with soul.

Ayla newhouse ux15

Ayla Newhouse

Experience Designer, Adaptive Path

Ayla is a creative generalist with a passion for helping people understand the complexities of being human. She uses metaphor, design, storytelling and conversation to help individuals and organizations get unstuck.


Anel Muller

AdaptivePath.org Lead, Adaptive Path

Anel's natural curiosity has led her down multiple creative paths, which have fueled her need for creating order out of chaos without impacting the creative process.