Erin rapacki ux15

Erin is the Director of Marketing at Suitable Technologies, the makers of Beam Smart Presence, a system that combines mobility and video conferencing for an immersive communication experience everywhere conversations take place. She is a product storyteller with robotics experience across academia and industry with projects ranging from flexible logistics, consumer products, military extraction, assistive devices, Smart Presence (formerly known as "robotic tele-presence"), and warehousing automation. Erin takes a vested interested in finding ways to catalyze the robotics market by identifying unique value propositions for new robotic products, and by creating community and cooperation between companies and thought leaders.

Interested in “Making Robots Happen;” she is a manager and technical marketer who performs customer development and program execution for industrial automation and robotics organizations. Erin cares about fantastic products; so she specializes in market research, writing product requirements documents, leading product launches, and defining emerging customer segments. After the product is defined; she see oversees program development and projects that help new products continue to gain market traction.

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