Donna lichaw ux15

For over 15 years, Donna Lichaw has helped businesses such as Atlantic Records, Citi, Bloomberg, Seamless, Apartment Therapy, and WNYC to create, launch, and innovate successful digital products, campaigns, and services. Emphasizing a unique mix of storytelling, design thinking, and product strategy, she drives teams to think big and get measurable results by starting small: story first.

Before working in tech, Donna was a documentary filmmaker. She is currently writing a book on how to use story to envision, build, and improve things like ideas, products, software, and websites so that they not only work better, but are ultimately more successful. Donna is also on the adjunct faculty at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, where she teaches courses on emerging technology and innovation, and is currently a Knight Foundation Fellow at WNYC/NY Public Radio, where she is helping to build the future of radio listenership.

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