David bland ux15

David is a Principal in Neo's San Francisco office. He is an advisor and entrepreneur who has been practicing lean and agile for over 15 years—working with corporations and startups on how to shift from "can we build it" to "should we build it". At Neo, he helps organizations innovate on how they create and deliver value to their customers.

Prior to joining Neo, David pioneered lean startup and innovation services at BigVisible where he helped Fortune 500 companies transform from large batch, output based work into small batch, entrepreneurial focused teams. David worked with Eric Ries to kick off FastWorks at GE and led an organizational transformation at Hotwire. Before that David worked at several startups focusing on risk averse sectors ranging from FinTech to Counter Terrorism. Today, David is a sought after author and speaker who helps people turn the concepts of lean startup, business model generation and customer development into action.

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